Edward Michael Sullivan  (1862-1931)

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 September 23rd  2008
Uwe Thomsen

(Adria-lineage: Descendant I - Spouse)

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January 1862 in Ohio (according to Federal Census 1900). -


About 1887 (according to Federal Census 1900) to Andrea Adria. The marriage was, apparently, not recorded in Nevada. Wife's biography


August 24th 1887 at Genoa, Douglas County, Nevada: Mary Honora Sullivan

December 17th  1888 at Genoa, Douglas County, Nevada: No name recorded, but later (Federal Census 1900) confirmed as Nina Sullivan, 1910: Nina A. Sullivan

July 25th 1890 at Genoa, Douglas County, Nevada: Edna Sullivan, 1910: Edna T. Sullivan



End of July 1931 at Carson City, Nevada (according to obituary on daughter Nina). -

Living places:

Not exactly identifed before birth of the children at Genoa, Nevada from 1887 on, they lived near Woodford, Alpine County, California in 1900. He was alone at Osceola Precinct, White Pine County, Nevada in 1910, while his family stayed at Carson City, and by 1920 until his death they lived unified at Carson City. -


He may have been sort of a fortune hunter, as both Genoa, Alpine County, Osceola and even Carson City were important mining locations during the "gold rush", which tranquilized, however, in just those years. Genoa and Osceola became "ghost-towns" quite soon, and around Woodford wood-logging became a reasonable alternative to mining, but the ranch at Osceola, where he was employed as a foreman, was manned with labourers for saw-milling and well-drilling as well as a "combined" blacksmith and dairy-man, too, while the live-stock was cared for by a separate crew and another foreman. This might expose a connection to mining as kind of craftsman, building structures, rails, hoists etc. that he presented to Carson City, in 1920 as "Labourer" in "General", but 1930 with the "Odd Job" of "Moving Houses" (quotations from the original Census forms). -