Andrea Adria  (1865-1947)

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 September 23nd  2008
Uwe Thomsen

(Adria-lineage: Descendant I)

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March 14th  1865 at Abild Mark ("Abild outskirts"), Abild Parish, Toender County. Illegitimate daughter of Austrian (occupation-) soldier Andreas Adria and "woman" Johanne Cathrine Rosenbladt ADRIA ANCESTORS



About 1887 (according to Federal Census 1900) to Edward Michael Sullivan, born January 1862 in Ohio. The marriage was, apparently, not recorded in Nevada. Husbands biography


August 24th 1887 at Genoa, Douglas County, Nevada: Mary Honora Sullivan

December 17th  1888 at Genoa, Douglas County, Nevada: No name recorded, but later (Federal Census 1900) confirmed as Nina Sullivan, 1910: Nina A. Sullivan

July 25th 1890 at Genoa, Douglas County, Nevada: Edna Sullivan, 1910: Edna T. Sullivan



March 7th 1947 at Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California -

Living places:

She grew up at Solderup, Hostrup Parish, Toender County with 9 half-siblings, being recorded  at her confirmation  in 1879 with her mother's husband, Hans Christian Thomsen (1848-1898), as her foster father. In 1885 she arrived from Hamburg into the US on board the SS Rhaetia, and 1887 she showed up in Genoa, Nevada, obviously married to Edward Sullivan. By the 1900 Federal Census they lived near Woodfords in Alpine County, California, and in 1910 she and the children lived at Carson City apart from Edward who worked as a foreman at ranch in Osceola Precinct, White Pine County. By 1920 they were reunified at Carson City, as still in 1930 and only shortly before her death in 1947, she moved to Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California to live with daughter Edna's family there.  -


Only 1920 she was entitled as a dress-maker, working at home.  -