Nina A. Sullivan (1888-1931)

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 September 23rd  2008
Uwe Thomsen

(Adria-lineage: Descendant I-B)

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December 17th  1889 at Genoa, Douglas County, Nevada. Daughter of Edward Michael Sullivan and Andrea Adria (Douglas County, Nevada - Vital Records 1862-1923 at Name not recorded, but known from Censuses and obituary etc. ADRIA-PROBAND

Father's biogr.     Mother's biogr.


January 22nd 1921 (according to obituary) to Arthur Thomas Green, born April 11th 1891 at Battle Mountain, Lander County, Nevada.  -


No serviving children mentioned in obituary.  -


August 10th 1931 at Lovelock, Pershing County, Nevada (Obituary in Reno Evening Gazette, Tuesday 11, 1931 - onlinecopy at -

Living places:

By the 1900 Federal Census she lived by the family near Woodfords in Alpine County, California, and in 1910 she was recorded both with the family at Carson City and as lodger at Stella Precinct, Elko County, Nevada. By 1920 she was back with the family at Carson City, and in 1930 she lived with her husband at Lovelock, Pershing County.  -


From about 1906 she was mainly occupied as teacher at public schools. According to her obituary and random newspaper notes she was temporarily employed at a Carson City High School and even at the Govenors office at Carson City a couple of years. -