Kjestina Rosenblatt (1840-1912)

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 September 7th  2008
Uwe Thomsen

(Christensen-lineage: Ancestor number 03)

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May 11th  1840 at Goettrup, Hostrup Parish, Toender County: Kjestina Rosenblatt, legitimate daughter of joiner Iwer Jensen Rosenblatt and Anna Maria, maiden name Nissen. CHRISTENSEN-ANCESTORS


May 18th  1872 in Moegeltoender Parish, Toender County: Hans Peter Soerensen Christensen, born at Oesterby (Daler Parish) and serving at Boenderby (Moegeltoender Parish) to Kjestina Rosenblatt, born in Hostrup Parish and living at Gallehus (Moegeltoender Parish).  Husband's biography


October 30th  1873 at Gallehus (Moegeltoender Parish): Christian Madsen Christensen

March 1st 1876 at Gallehus (Moegeltoender Parish): Iver Jensen Christensen

May 8th 1879 at Gallehus (Moegeltoender Parish): Meta Maria Christensen

June 2nd 1882 at Gallehus (Moegeltoender Parish): Peter Christian Christensen

August 11th 1884 at Gallehus (Moegeltoender Parish): Andreas Martin Christensen



Novermber 9th 1912 at Oesterby, Daler Parish -

Living places:

Moving around in childhood, Gallehus (Moegeltoender Paris) at marriage until after 1884, then Oesterby, Daler Parish until death. -


No specified -