Christen Madsen Sennels (1810-1884)

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 September 7th  2008
Uwe Thomsen

(Christensen-lineage: Ancestor number 04)

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June 24th  1810 at Sennels (village and Parish), Thisted County: Christen, legitimate son of tenant Mads Christensen and Dorthe, maiden name Joergensdatter. CHRISTENSEN-ANCESTORS


October 2nd  1841 at Daler Parish, Toender County: Christen Madsen Sennels of Sennels Parish (Thisted County) to Mette Marie Soerensen of Oesterby, Daler Parish.  Wife's biography


December 18th  1841 at Oesterby (Daler Parish): Mads Christensen

February 18th  1845 at Oesterby (Daler Parish): Hans Peter Soerensen Christensen

August 10th  1848 at Oesterby (Daler Parish): Antoni Christensen

March 22nd  1851 at Oesterby (Daler Parish): Dorthea Marie Christensen

Ancestor number 2 (Hans Peter Soerensen Christensen)


September 20th  1884 at Daler (village and Parish, Toender County): Christen Madsen (Sennels), 74 years, tenant - "He strung himself" - Allowed by authority September 22nd - "The burial took place in silence without bell ringing - At the grave was said a prayer." (Quotations are the preacher's notes in the death record). -

Living places:

Sennels, Thisted County - Oesterby and Daler, Toender County -


Tenant, probably with a small parcel of land, and day labourer -