Hans Peter Soerensen (Storgaard) (abt. 1785-1844)

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 September 7th  2008
Uwe Thomsen

(Christensen-lineage: Ancestor number 10)

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This is, according to his recorded age at death, set to about 1785, apparently in Fole (village and Parish), Haderslev County, but it couldn't be verified in church records, and thus his parents could not be identified. In late censuses (1834 and 1840) his recorded age indicates his year of birth to be about 1776, which doesn't, however, bring any results, either. There is neither a "Hans Peter" nor a matching "Soerensen" found in suitable censusses 1787, 1801 and 1803, but the alternative surname "Storgaard", which he used quite often himself, was in fact linked to a "Soerensen" family at Fole within the affected time-limits. This might be resolved later, if suitable court records are available. CHRISTENSEN-ANCESTORS


June 6th  1808 at Visby Parish, Toender County: Hans Peter Soerensen Storgaard from Fole to Botilla Nielsdatter of Mollerup, Visby Parish. According to later records she was born at Hjerpsted (village and Parish). Wife's biography


MISSING (probably first child), as there were 5 adult children by the mother's death (1845)

May 6th  1812 at Oesterby (Daler Parish): Soeren (surname Hansen, Soerensen or Storgaard)

February 18th  1815 at Oesterby (Daler Parish): Mette Marie Hansdatter Soerensen

April 20th  1821 at Oesterby (Daler Parish): Gunder Marie Hansdatter Soerensen

January 18th  1827 at Oesterby (Daler Parish): Hans Peter Soerensen

Ancestor number 5 (Mette Marie)


June 28th  1844: Hans Peter Soerensen, tenant at Oesterby (Daler Parish, Toender County), 59 years old. "Breast disease" - probably pneumonia or TB -

Living places:

Fole until ?, Oesterby (Daler Parish) bef. 1812-1844 -


At death: "Cooper by profession" -