Botilla Nielsdatter (abt. 1786-1845)

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 September 7th  2008
Uwe Thomsen

(Christensen-lineage: Ancestor number 11)

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May 28th  1787 at Hjerpsted (village and Parish), Toender County: Botilla Nielses, legitimate daughter of tenant and inn-keeper Niels Pedersen and Methe, maiden name Peder's (daughter). CHRISTENSEN-ANCESTORS


June 6th  1808 at Visby Parish, Toender County: Hans Peter Soerensen Storgaard from Fole to Botilla Nielsdatter of Mollerup, Visby Parish. According to later records she was born at Hjerpsted (village and Parish). Husband's biography


MISSING (probably first child) - compare Death record below.

May 6th  1812 at Oesterby (Daler Parish): Soeren (surname Hansen, Soerensen or Storgaard)

February 18th  1815 at Oesterby (Daler Parish): Mette Marie Hansdatter Soerensen

April 20th  1821 at Oesterby (Daler Parish): Gunder Marie Hansdatter Soerensen

January 18th  1827 at Oesterby (Daler Parish): Hans Peter Soerensen

Ancestor number 5 (Mette Marie)


November 20th  1845: Anne Bothilde Soerensen, widow of Hans Peter Soerensen at Oesterby (Daler Parish, Toender County), 59 years old, born in Hjerpsted Parish. - "Breast disease" (probably pneumonia or TB) - Leaves 5 adult children -

Living places:

Hjerpsted until ?, Mollerup (Visby Parish) 1808, Oesterby (Daler Parish) bef. 1812-1845 -


At marriage: Lace maker (Women's main occupation around Toender from early 1600s to early 1800s) -