Adolph Iversen Rosenblad (1851-abt. 1929)

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 November 12th  2008
Uwe Thomsen

(Rosenblad-lineage: Ancestor number 02)

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June 29th 1851 at Tved, Toender Parish (rural communities), Toender County, Schleswig (Denmark): Adolph Iversen Rosenbladt, son of hire man Iver Jensen Rosenbladt and Anna Maria, maiden name Nissen. ROSENBLAD-ANCESTORS


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March 11th 1880 in Greene County, Iowa: Adolph Rosenblad to Martha Christianson ("Iowa marriages 1851-1900" at

Second marriage about 1917, probably at Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, Iowa, to Danish-born widow Marie Jensen (maiden name Nielsen), mother of 8 children (6 living at the Federal Census 1910) in her first marriage with Frederik Jensen (Greene County, Iowa 1883). 

Wife's biography




November 1881 in Guthrie County, Iowa: Charles Edward Rosenblad (according to Federal Census 1900)

December 1882 in Guthrie County, Iowa: Mary Belle Rosenblad (according to Federal Census 1900)

July 9th 1884 in Guthrie County, Iowa: Jessie Amelia Rosenblad (according to obituary in "The Bayard News" at



Before 1930, probably 1929 at Elk Horn, as he still was owner of his farm at Highland Township in 1928. Burial place unknown, maybe Elk Horn, Council Bluffs or Highland Cemetery. -

Living places:

Toender area until emigration 1872. Then Connecticut 1 years and Warren County, Illinois for 7 years. By the 1880 Census living in Dodge Township, Guthrie County, Iowa and moved to neighbouring Highland Township before 1885. About 1917 (in second marriage) he moved to Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, and before 1925 they ended up at Elk Horn, Shelby County. -


Working as farm labourer, before 1880 as partner at Dodge Township, and before 1885 as sole owner at Highland Township, expanding the property (to double size) shortly after 1900.