Anna Maria Nissen (1811-1877)

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 December 21st  2008
Uwe Thomsen

(Rosenblad-, Rosenbladt- and Rosenblatt-lineage: Ancestor number 05)
(Christensen-, Thomsen and Adria-lineage: Ancestor number 07)

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October 1st  1811 at Roerkaer, Hostrup Parish (Toender County): Anna Maria Nissen, legitimate daughter of tenant and joiner Nis Christiansen and Hanna, maiden name Jensen See below (separated links, related to the children's lineage).

Father's biogr.     Mother's biogr.


October 6th  1839 in Hostrup Parish (Toender County): Iwer Jensen Rosenblatt at Goettrup, legitimate son of the deceased Jens Iwersen and Kirsten, maiden name Jensen(?) at Moegeltoender, to Anna Maria Nissen from Roerkaer, legitimate daughter of the deceased Nis Christiansen and Hanna, maiden name Jensen, there (Roerkaer). Husband's biography


May 11th 1840 at Goettrup, Hostrup Parish: Kjestina Rosenblatt

February 22nd 1842 at Goettrup, Hostrup Parish: Johanna Catharina Rosenbladt

January 31st 1846 at Goettrup, Hostrup Parish: Stillborn daugther

February 21st 1846 at Goettrup, Hostrup Parish: Jens Ludewig Rosenbladt

October 1st 1848 at Tved, Toender Parish: Niss Andreasen Rosenblatt

June 29th 1851 at Tved, Toender Parish: Adolph Iversen Rosenblatt








December 25th 1877 Moegeltoender Parish, Toender County: Anne Marie Rosenblatt, maiden name Nielsen, married to joiner Iver Rosenblatt, lodging by her son-in-law, tenant Hans Peter Soerensen at Gallehus. 66 years. "Allegedly" (according to church record at burial, but obviously properly notified) born at Roerkaer (Hostrup Parish) 1811. Memorial speach in church, ritual at the grave. -

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