Jakobine Nielsdatter (1823-1900)

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 November 13th  2008
Uwe Thomsen

(Rosenblad-lineage: Ancestor number 07)

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February 16th  1823 at Snoede (village and Parish),  Island Langeland, Svendborg County): Jakobine Nielsdatter, daughter of blacksmith Niels Pedersen and Ane Jakobsdatter. ROSENBLAD-ANCESTORS

Father's biogr.     Mother's biogr.


November 10th  1843 in Snoede Parish, Svendborg County: Rasmus Kristensen, 41 years, bachelor and blacksmith at Snoede and Jakobine Nielsdatter, 20 years, servant at Snoede. Husband's biography


Januar 15th  1843 at Snoede (village and Parish): Kristina Kristensen - illegitimate, parents not married, yet. 

October 18th 1845 at Snoede (village and Parish):  Wilhelm Kristensen

November 18th  1848 at Snoede (village and Parish): Martha Kristensen

November 30th  1851 at Snoede (village and Parish): Ferdinand Kristensen

June 19th 1856 at Snoede (village and Parish): Carl Christensen



March 2nd  1900 at Snoede (village and Parish): Jakobine Nielsdatter, widow of tenant Rasmus Kristensen at Snoede, 77 yrs. -

Living places:

Snoede -


According to the 1880 Census she made her living (as a widow) at the spinning-wheel, 1890 it was just "working" (unspecified, and probably entered only as opposed to charity of any kind). -