Jens Iversen Rosenblad (1778-1830)

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 December 11th  2008
Uwe Thomsen

(Rosenblad-, Rosenbladt- and Rosenblatt-lineage: Ancestor number 08)
(Christensen-, Thomsen and Adria-lineage: Ancestor number 12)

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Christened September 6th  1788 at Bevtoft Parish, Haderslev County: Jens (Iwersen) Rosenblad, son of Iwer Rasmussen and Anna Iwers at Hyrup. Links to ancestors of all lineages 


Engaged August 30th  1807 at Moegeltoender Parish, Toender County: Bachelor Jens Iversen Rosenblad from Bevtoft Parish and Kiesten Chrestensdatter from Stokkebro (Moegeltonder Parish). 

Marriage Records are not available, but considering the time of engagement it was, assumably, executed within the same year.

Wife's biography


February 10th  1808 at Moegeltoender (village and Parish), Toender County: Iver Jensen Rosenblad

November 23rd  1810 at Moegeltoender (village and Parish), Toender County: Cathrine Christine Rosenblad

February 2nd  1814 at Moegeltoender (village and Parish), Toender County: Andres Christian Rosenblad (died September 15th  1817 at Moegeltoender)

Ancestor 4/6: Jens Iversen Rosenblad


December 23rd 1830 at Moegeltoender Poor-House, Moegeltoender Parish, Toender County: Jens Rosenblad, 52 yrs. -

Living places:

Born at Hyrup, Bevtoft Parish, Haderslev County, still farmhand at the family farm (owned by his sister and brother-in-law) 1801 - then Moegeltoender before 1807. From 1817 to 1830 he was the registered owner of the house Slotsgade 9 at Moegeltoender (photo below). -


Farmhand, labourer. -

Slotsgade 9, Moegeltoender (1948)