Hanna Jensdatter Harmsen (1783-1836)

NAVIGATION (genealogy)

 December 16th  2008
Uwe Thomsen

(Rosenblad-, Rosenbladt- and Rosenblatt-lineage: Ancestor number 11)
(Christensen-, Thomsen and Adria-lineage: Ancestor number 15)

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July 3rd 1783 at Ubjerg (village and Parish), Toender County: Hanna, legitimate daughter of small-holder and weaver Jens Harmsen and Ann Christin, maiden name H. Marcussen, at Ubjerg. Links to ancestors of all lineages (daughter's biography).


1) May 26th 1811 in Hostrup Parish, Toender County: Widow and joiner Nis Christiansen from Roerkaer, son of the deceased small-holder Christian Jacobsen and the deceased Hanna Maria, maiden name Nissen, to the maiden Hanna Jensen, daughter of the tenant Jens Harmsen and Kirstine, maiden name Hansen, at Roerkaer.

2) November 1st 1829 in Hostrup Parish, Toender County: Claus Jensen Lund, widow and teacher at Roerkaer, to Hanna Christiansen, widow of the deceased Nis Christiansen at Roerkaer.

Husband's biography


October 1st 1811 at Roerkaer, Hostrup Parish: Anna Maria Nissen

September 12th 1813 at Roerkaer, Hostrup Parish: Anna Christina Nissen

February 9th 1816 at Roerkaer, Hostrup Parish: Christian Jacobsen Nissen

No children in second marriage.

Ancestor 5/7 (Anna Maria Nissen)


May 23rd 1836 at Roerkaer, Hostrup Parish, Toender County: 54 yrs. -

Living places:

Ubjerg and Roerkaer -


None particularly mentioned -