Anna Margaretha Magnussen (1845-1929)

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 October 2nd  2008
Uwe Thomsen

(Rosenbladt-lineage: Ancestor number 03)

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1845 at Aventoft (village and Parish), Toender County, Schleswig (Denmark, Germany after 1920): Anna Margaretha Magnussen, daughter of tenant and day laborer Boy Johannsen Magnussen and Christine (maiden name Clausen).

Church record with exact date temporarily missing (computer failure).



Father's biogr.     Mother's biogr.


April 21st 1872 at Ubjerg (village and Parish), Toender County:  Jens Ludwig Rosenblatt, legitimate son of tenant Iwer Jensen Rosenblatt and Maria (maiden name Nissen) at Goettrup (close to manor house Solvig) and Anna Margaretha Magnussen, legitimate daughter of Boy Magnussen at Aventoft (Toender County) and Christine (maiden name Clausen).    Husband's biography




June 16th 1875 at Ubjerg (village and Parish), Tonder County: Fritz Anton Rosenbladt, legitimate son of joiner Jens Ludwig Rosenbladt and Margaretha (maiden name Magnussen)

March 14th 1877 at Ubjerg (village and Parish), Tonder County: Iwer Jensen Rosenbladt, legitimate son of Jens Ludwig Rosenbladt and Anna Margaretha (maiden name Magnussen) - among the witnesses: Adolph Nielsen(!) Rosenbladt in America



January 15th 1929 at Highland Township, Guthrie County, Iowa - at the home of son Iver (Ever in the US), according to her husbands obituary in "The Bayard News" (at Buried at Highland Cemetery (headstone at -

Living places:

Ubjerg, Toender County from 1872 until emigration 1892, then Highland Township, Guthrie County until 1910 and Audubon (City and County) until 1926, when they returned to Highland Township. -


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