Thomas Thomsen (1815-1875)

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 January 3rd  2009
Uwe Thomsen

(Thomsen-lineage: Ancestor number 04)

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January 28th 1815 at Solderup, Hostrup Parish, Toender County: Thomas Thomsen, legitimate son of tenant and hire-man Niels Thomsen and Christine, maiden name Peters. Thomsen-ancestors

Father's biogr.    Mother's biogr.


September 21st 1834 at Hostrup, Toender County: Thomas Thomsen at Solderup (parents as above) to his engaged bride, Sidsel Emil's (should be Emmik's - parents as described in her own biography - link at right).  Wife's biography


October 9th 1834 at Solderup, Hostrup Parish: Stillborn daughter

January 2nd 1836 at Solderup, Hostrup Parish: Nielle Christina Thomsen

November 4th 1837 at Solderup, Hostrup Parish: Niels Thomsen (unmarried and fallen at Dybboel 1864 during the final blow of the war against Prussia-Austria). 

March 20th 1840 at Solderup, Hostrup Parish: Hans Christian Thomsen (died September 20th 1843)

January 20th 1843 at Solderup, Hostrup Parish: Anna Lena Thomsen (unmarried and died May 30th 1869 by her sister, Nielle Christina, married Hundertmark at Solderup Mark (="Solderup Outskirts").

March 21st 1848 at Solderup, Hostrup Parish: Hans Christian Thomsen

Ancestor 2 (Hans Christian Thomsen)


January 13th 1875 at Solderup, Hostrup Parish, Toender County. He died of "a chest-disease", almost 60 yrs of age. -

Living places:

Solderup, Hostrup Parish -


Farm hand and hire-man -