Uwe Thomsen

Personal profile

Born in 1944 and dealing intensively with local history, genealogy and some archaeology since the late sixties I am now facing retirement and have established this website to share part of the outcome with people that might be interested.

Since I do not feel any need to exhibit my personal life extensively, I will just mention that I was married to Kirsten way back in 1965, and we got three children and four grandchildren, so far.

We live in Toender, a city only about 4 kilometres north of the present border to Germany and about 14 kilometres from the North Sea coast. This southwestern corner of Denmark is mainly marshlands at almost average sea level and must be protected against floods by huge dikes, which makes even the landscape a human achievement offering its own unique history.

Until 1972 Toender was the seat of the county administration, covering rural communities, in which most of my ancestors lived for more than 200 years, and moving here in 1964 was, in a way, also coming home, as descendants through six (or even more) generations build a proportionally large representation in local population.

In general history my main interest has been (and still is) the Viking age and early mediaeval development and establishment of governance and territories - not as much the dramatic events of warfare as the cultural (and religious) resistance towards persisting Roman structures and standards within the dominant empires of continental Europe approximately between 800 and 1200, and less than 150 years ago there were still concrete traces of such contradictions in this region.

It is a privilege to be part of this rich history, and hopefully some of the substance will be of interest to you and other visitors to these pages, as it will appear gradually.

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