Two Kloburg-brothers emigrated from Aabenraa (Denmark)




status February 17th 2009
Uwe Thomsen


My grandmother, Elise Margarethe Kloburg (1880-1945), is the proband on the Kloburg-branch of my family tree. She was married to a German, Karl Julius Walter (1872-1946) from Schlesien (now part of Poland), although her family had clearly identified themselves as Danish-minded, and her sister Sophie Marie was married to one of the leaders, Christian Lageri, who was elected into the Danish “Folketing” (parliament), as Northern Schleswig was reunified with Denmark in 1920.  

One of their sons (nephew of the Kloburg-siblings), Hans Peter Lageri (born 1902 at Aabenraa), emigrated with his Danish wife Margrethe Christine Nielsen (born 1904 at Seest near Kolding) to Rose Valley, Saskatchewan, Canada - assumably 1927. He died 1975 at Vancouver, but neither her death nor excact knowledge of their children etc. could be revealed, so far. Nevertheless, this family must be included in future research concerning migrants of the Kloburg-lineage.    

Starting point is, however, that two of my grandmother's brothers ”disappeared” from the city of Aabenraa (German: Apenrade) respectively about 1880 and about 1900.

The first (and oldest) one, Niels Christensen Kloborg (born December 6th 1860), was officially reported missing, as he didn’t appear for military service 1883-1884. Emigration to the US was assumed.

The younger brother, Johann Hinrich Christesen Kloburg (born November 27th 1871), reported (officially) his departure for Copenhagen in 1901, but, obviously, he never arrived there or elsewhere in Denmark (Aabenraa was part of Germany by then)

Niels Christensen Kloborg is likely to be identical to Danish-born “Niels Kloberg” by the 1900-Census at Tacoma, Pierce County in Washington (state), US, although he was registered as born in February 1861 – a couple of months later as the “real” person, but – on Danish soil – this surname was only used in the duchy of Schleswig, derived from “Klaaborg” by German-minded clerical staffs. Another Danish surname, “Klovborg”, could be the original one for Niels in Tacoma, of course, but emigrants from the “kingdom” were, in general, legal and hence accurately registered, and equivalent entries were not found, neither here nor among US immigrants.

Schleswig was lost in war 1864 (regarding the future status of the duchy) and became German until 1920, when the northern part was reunited with the “kingdom” as 4 ordinary Danish counties.

Niels immigrated to the US about 1880 and was married (abt. 1890) to Swedish-born “Rika” or “Reka” (born abt. 1860, immigrated abt. 1880), and they lived in Tacoma already in 1890, as the birth of a son (name not listed) was registered. 1900 they had a 6 years old son, named Stanley N., within the household, although he isn’t found in the equivalent Washington Birth Records. Neither of these – nor any other – children seems to have survived childhood. Niels and Reka appeared in Tacoma by the 1892 Washington Census, too, (with surname “Klowberg”).

Already 1890 Niels’ given name was recorded as “Nicklaus” which is used most of the time (as “Nicholas”) and is, in fact, the “long” version of Scandinavian “Niels”.  He died (in Tacoma) October 12th 1946 as “Nicholas Klovborg”.

About 1924 Niels married the Danish-born Agnes Henriksen (born in April 1888 and immigrated together with the entire family to Tacoma 1899), so Reka must have passed away shortly after 1920. The death of Agnes isn’t found, either, but the Washington Death Index is only accessible from 1940 on, and the Social Security Death Index doesn’t cover everyone this early, so she may have passed away in the 1930es.

Niels was educated as a plumber before his departure from Aabenraa, and in Tacoma he was recognized as “Engineer”, in 1930 even as “Chief Engineer” at a school.  

Johann Hinrich Christesen Kloburg is identified twice arriving at New Orleans coming from Honduras.

First arrival – as “John Klober”, 36 years old fireman, single, not able to read or write (!), carrying 4,05 $, last time in US in June 1906, living 603 Decatur St., N.O. (New Orleans) – was November 14th 1906 on the SS Joseph Vaccaro from La Ceiba, Honduras. His registered birthplace was (although in rather confused spelling) Apenrade, Germany.

Second arrival – as “John Klopor”, 37 years old fireman, single, able to read and write (!), last permanent residence Salado, Honduras, nearest friend J. N. Ricks, Salado, Hond., final destination New Orleans, LA – was October 13th 1907 on the SS Joseph Vaccaro from La Ceiba, Honduras. His registered birthplace was (in perfect spelling) Apenrade, Germany.

By the 1920 Census he was registered at Mondovi Precinct, Lincoln County, Washington (state) as John Kloburg, living as boarder in the household of Ida and William Rogers, 49 years old, single, immigrated 1901, alien (not naturalized), born Danish and working as farm labourer by the elderly Rogers-people.

In 1930 he still lived at Mondovi Precinct, now as John Kloborg, living on his own farm as disabled farmer, 58 years old, married (abt. 1923) to US-born Ida (his – in the mean time – widowed former employer), immigrated 1901, still alien and born German which describe the confusing national situation for people of this origin.

There are still missing sequences in these biographies, so the work will be continued