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Nine US-immigrants from one family in Schleswig

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My great-grandmother was Johanne Catharina Rosenbladt (1842-1891). She is ancestor number 3 – married to number 2, Hans Christian Thomsen (1848-1898) – on the Thomsen-branch of my family tree. 

This article will – as far as it goes – identify the descendants of those 9 relatives of my great-grandmother that went to the United States within the last third of the 19th century, actually two brothers, five nephews (two sons of the oldest brother and three of her sisters), one cousin (daughter of her father's sister) and her own illegitimate daughter (with an Austrian occupation-soldier). All of them were born and raised less than 10 km’s away from my present home in the city of Toender in Denmark (shortly north of the current border to Germany).  

The 9 immigrants, known descendants and other related persons are presented in personal, short biographies. Just follow the links below (identified by the names of the actual immigrants).

If you have any comments, corrections, questions or supplementary knowledge, feel free to use the CONTACT-link in the left column! 

Adolph Iversen Rosenblad (1851-abt.1929)

Jens Ludewig Rosenbladt (1846-1934)

Fritz Anton Rosenbladt (1875-1930)

Iver Jensen Rosenbladt (1877-1957)

Christian Madsen Christensen (born 1873)

Iver Jensen Christensen (1876-1951)

Peter Christian Christensen (born 1882)  

Cathrine Christine Juul (1853-1932)

Andrea Adria (1865-1947)

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