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status November 9th 2008
Uwe Thomsen


Jens Ludewig Rosenbladt (1846-1934), the older brother of my great grandmother; left 1892 with his wife, Anna Margrethe Magnussen (1845-1929)  and the youngest son, Iver Jensen Rosenblad (1877-1957). The older son, Fritz Anton Rosenblad (1875-1930), had left the year before together with a mate, Hans Petersen (born abt. 1871), who hasn’t been identified accurately, yet.

The family went directly to Guthrie County, Iowa, and 120 acres were purchased at Highland Township on Sector 29, just across the road from his brother Adolph on sector 32. He was still registered as the owner in 1928, although it looks as if the parents did live (retired) in Audobon County as registered 1910 through 1925. 1930 he lived – widowed – by the son Iver (Ever in the US) at his property on Sector 30.

Both Jens and Anna Margrethe were buried at Highland Cemetery (tombstones preserved).

Before 1946 Louis Rosenblad, a grandson of Jens Ludwig and son of Fritz, was owner of the property on Sector 29, but in 1989 another family had taken over.

Each of the sons, Iver and Fritz Rosenbladt, has individual biographical articles at this website.