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status November 9th 2008
Uwe Thomsen


Iver Jensen Christensen (1876-1951), the younger nephew of my great grandmother, was son of her sister, Kjestina Rosenblatt (1840-1912), and Hans Peter Soerensen Christensen (1845-1912), who lived at Gallehus, Moegeltoender Parish - later Oesterby, Daler Parish in the Duchy of Schleswig.

He arrived, apparently, in the US about 1894, although this is not confirmed by any primary sources, yet. He does not appear in the US Census before 1910, as he had settled in Klickitat County, Washington (state).

He had – probably about 1902 – married Nancy M. Walters who was born abt. 1873 at Highland Township, Guthrie County, Iowa where her widowed mother and one sister lived by 1900  (and still in 1905). They owned a couple of parcels (40 acres each) on sector 28, just a few hundred meters away from the land of Jens Ludewig Rosenblad (follow link at left) on sector 29.

This can hardly be seen as coincidence, but absolutely no primary source has identified the living place(s) of Iver (Ever in the US) and Nancy before 1910 in Washington, Klickitat County, Major Creek Precinct, and in 1920 they lived in neighbouring Skamania County. 1930 he was (widowed) back in Klickitat County (now, abt. 50 km’s to the north from Major Creek, in Laurel Precinct), and by his death 1951 he lived in Raymond, Pacific County. An accurate registration of her death in the 1920es hasn’t been found, so far.

They had 3 children, Estel R. Christensen (born abt. 1904), Avery B. Christensen (born abt. 1905), and Christina Christensen (born 1911) – details follow below.


Estel R. Christensen (1902-1966), son of Iver Jensen Christensen (see above), lived still – and unmarried – at home at Laurel Precinct, Klickitat County by the 1930 Census. He was (1910, 1920 and 1930) registered as born in Washington (state), but although an index of Washington births 1891-1907 is accessible, there is no matching record confirming his birth. The dates were taken from the records of his death at Yacolt, Clark County, Washington.


Avery B. Christensen (born abt. 1905), son of Iver Jensen Christensen (see above), lived still – and unmarried – at home in Skamania County by the 1920 Census and was – like his brother – registered as born in Washington (state), but it hasn’t, so far, been possible to add anything to his biography, either.


Christina Christensen (born 1911), daughter of Iver Jensen Christensen (see above), left home before the 1930 Census, and she was registered correctly in the index of Washington births 1907-1919, but neither marriage nor any other life event has been confirmed, so far.