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status November 9th 2008
Uwe Thomsen


Peter Christian Christensen (born 1882), the youngest nephew of my great grandmother, was son of her sister, Kjestina Rosenblatt (1840-1912), and Hans Peter Soerensen Christensen (1845-1912), who lived at Gallehus, Moegeltoender Parish - later Oesterby, Daler Parish in the Duchy of Schleswig.

He departed 1899 (via Quebec, Canada) to Stuart, Adair County in Iowa where his brother, Christian Madsen Christensen (follow link to the left), lived.

In 1900 and 1905 he lived in the household of Jens Ludewig Rosenblad (follow link to the left) at Highland Township, Guthrie County, but he is not identified accurately anywhere after that.